Posted on 28 February, 2019

Not having the budget to hire an interior designer doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. There are many ways you can add a professional look and feel to your home without costing the world.

Simple things like understanding your own style and considering your desired look before you begin will help you achieve a finished product that oozes personality, sophistication and professionalism.

To truly style your home like you’ve hired an interior designer, consider each of these five tips.

1.Consider the look and function of the space

One of the first things an interior designer will do is assess your home and consider the look and function of each area. This is a good place for you to start too. If you have a large living area, it can be good to break the space up into a few smaller ‘nooks’. You could add a little reading corner to your living room or separate a smaller TV area from the larger lounge room.

It’s also important to consider what you will use each space for. If you entertain a lot, add some bench stools to the kitchen to keep it sociable or ensure you have a lot of seating options when necessary. Likewise, if you’ll primarily be using the living room for lounging around and reading, you could consider adding a large bookshelf, some comfy armchairs and a stylish lamp. It’s pointless to design a beautiful space if it doesn’t align with your needs.


Colour is key, but it’s important to find a balance – too much colour and your home will be overwhelming, too little and it’ll be boring. What a lot of designers do is select three or four colours that complement each other and draw upon them. This keeps things consistent and allows you to find a balance of colour.

As with all things, stick to a colour palette that you like – this will ensure your redesigned spaces make you feel calm and relaxed. A pop of colour can also be great, whether it’s a painted feature wall or simply some statement cushions. This is a simple way to add life to an otherwise dull room.

3.Invest in a statement piece

If you’re not quite sure how to fill in a space, an oversized patterned armchair or statement art piece can be a great way to add life. Invest in something well made and high quality as this will set the tone for the rest of the room.


Once you’ve taken care of the bigger furniture pieces, you can start to think about accessorising. Accessories are important, as they are what differentiate your home from anyone else’s and give your home personality. Things like trinkets, vases, photographs and travel souvenirs are all nice accents that can be sprinkled around.

Greenery is also a great accessory if you’re stuck on how to fill a smallish space. A small pot plant or even just a little succulent can be used as a filler and can transform a nothing space into a photogenic corner.

5.Remember ‘less is more’

It’s important not to get carried away when designing your home. When adding statement pieces and accessories to the space consider whether it’s a necessary addition or simply clutter. Often the most well designed homes are simple and minimalistic – it’s generally true that less really is more.

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