Posted on 17 January, 2019

The temperature is rising, which means it’s time to embrace poolside living! The pool and spa areas of a home are often left to the wayside when building a custom home – but they shouldn’t be. There is plenty you can do to take the space from functional to fantastic!

1.Cabana living

On those hot summer days, it may be tempting to splash around in the pool for hours. However, when the skin starts to prune and you need to momentarily take a break – why not do so in a pool cabana? This covered space, often filled with an all-weather lounge, pool loungers, bean bags or outdoor dining set, can provide a space for the kids to chill out in between swims, or for Mum and Dad to supervise. Best of all, if the pool isn’t being used, this space can still be utilised for entertaining or relaxing.

2.Fabulous fences

A fence is a necessary part of any pool installation, but that doesn’t mean they need to be an eyesore. Opt for all glass, try timber, or for something a little different, go green with a natural fence of greenery. You can also play around with shapes – curved fences are an easy way to inject a little luxury into an otherwise-functional element.

3.Plenty of plants

Want to feel like you’re swimming in the Mediterranean? The right choice of plants will get you there! Consider complementing your outdoor area with a selection of trees, shrubs and other plant life – it will instantly make the area more homely and ensures it fits in with the natural environment. They’ll also provide some much-needed shade when the sun shines a little too much. Just make sure not to plant anything that tends to shed its leaves…otherwise, you may spend a few months of the year repetitively cleaning your pool.

4.Cooking under the stars

Why not make your outdoor area a multi-faceted entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen? The addition of a BBQ, bar fridge and sink makes poolside living even easier, with casual lunches and dinners whipped up in minutes. What’s more, it reduces the need to go into the house, resulting in fewer wet feet treading all over the floor and less cleaning up!

5.A selection of seating

An outdoor space shouldn’t just have one use – with weather as fine as Sydney’s, you’ll want to be outdoors as much as possible. Therefore, it’s worth designing the space to contain sub-areas, suitable for the entire family. From a fire pit to an outdoor kitchen or TV area, the options are endless!

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All photos from @pinterest